Friday, December 5, 2008

Scrapbook Flooder For Orkut - Send Many Scraps And Create ManyProfiles !

Now Orkut how-to-send-scrap-automatically-in-orkut/">Toolkit has added its new much awaited Scrapbook Flooder. It will allow the users to flood an Orkut profile with many scraps and orkut-main-killer-makes-orkut-fast-to-load/">Orkut profiles you wish to have. With this scrapbook flooder we can use unlimited Orkut Profiles.

how-to-know-the-email-adress-of-your-orkut-friend/">Click to find the mail IDs of your Orkut friends

One can easily know that if anybody is using Orkut how-to-disable-the-orkut-themes-in-greasemonkey/">Scrapbook Flooder means they are having a multiple Orkut Profiles at disposal.
If you are not interested means just go for important-gmail-tips-to-become-stuff/">Mass Profile Creator to create mass Orkut profiles easily to be used in this and many upcoming orkut-main-killer-makes-orkut-fast-to-load/">Orkut cheat tools.

Click to DOWNLOAD scrapbook flooder

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