Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoes Over George Bush Becomes Games - Have Fun !

Today everyone knows about the incident of the shoe shot over google-adsense-to-fuel-up-the-growth-of-online-gamings/">George Bush by a reporter at a press conference. All leaders from different countries give reprimands for the incident where as online world just got another topic to dish out some fun for the net lovers.
So many games have been developed to make fun by spore-the-coolest-game-for-game-lovers-in-mobile/">imitating the incidents. In these games some involved users throw shoe while other involve preventing shoe to hit the person.

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Today we have given five such games games-in-ms-excel-refresh-your-mind/">making rounds. To access all the games you don’t need to register or to download but you can have fun by just microsoft-releases-new-games-for-windows-live-20/">opening the link.

Shock and Awe
Bush Shoe Throwing
The Bush Game
Kast Sko Mot

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