Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sony Releases Movies And Albums In USB Flash Drives !

It has become fashion to release the sony-home-theater-front-projector/">virtual copies of the movies for portable media player (PMP) like Apple’s iPod touch. Already many companies entered the field recently the one of the biggest entertaining companies Sony has decided to release the movies and albums on a-noiseless-headphone-from-sony-hear-clear-in-plane/">USB flash drives for the consumers.
According to the news from Sony, Everyone uses the flash drives so that they are releasing the movies and albums.

face-detector-in-mobile-c902-from-sony-ericsson/">Rush to grab the Face Detector Mobile From Sony Ericsson

The 25th anniversary album of google-adsense-to-fuel-up-the-growth-of-online-gamings/">Michael Jackson is planned to be released at the cost of $19.99 and other feature films can be had at $29.99 each.
Although this is new to the market yet there are some problems because wear-google-maps-on-your-arm-with-sony-gps-cs1ksp/">Blu-ray discs are available at lower prices than this and they can make copy of the movies if they like. [ Thank You ]