Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Toshiba Sets A Record With 512GB SSD !

Yesterday Toshiba has announced its new flash storage of cellogan-lets-you-to-drive-it-faster-and-safer-with-eight-shaped-body/">2.5 inch 512GB solid state drive and it has set a record. It makes the use of the company’s newest 43 nanometer assembly process and particularly dense multi-level cell storage to double the 256GB record only just set earlier this year. Moreover the new device brings the duros-8-inch-rugged-tablet-pc-a-military-graded-tablet/">faster performance and peak read of 240MB per second and writes speed of 200MB per second.

ssd-from-samsung-to-boost-up-hp-servers/">Click here to know more SSD

In additional 48-inch-mid-internet-device-is-to-be-unveiled-by-umid/">AES encryption is an advanced option to lock down the drive which can be plugged into a typical hp-comes-with-three-new-model-mini-pcs/">SATA notebook drive bay. [ Thank You ]