Sunday, December 21, 2008

USB Flash Drives Turn Into Animals - The Other End Of Fancy !

Today fancy has become more important to sustain in the google-usb-flash-drive-put-google-inside-your-pocket/">competitive market. To bring a new experience for the USB flash drive users a new model usb-mouse-comes-with-microphone-and-speaker-3-in-1/">USB flash drive has been unveiled. It looks like smiling animals. The name of the USB drive is Zookeeper USB flash drive. These models are is-it-a-pen-or-a-pen-drive/">available in Monkey, Zebra, Cow and Giraffe.

4gb-flash-drive-watch/">Click to know the watch with 4Gb Flash Drive

The storage capacity of the drive is 2GB and you can have this device at the high-storage-capacity-flash-drive-in-the-world-192-gb/">cost of $15. They are supposed to work with both Windows and Mac. Moreover it has a little hole in the top of the body which can be used to wear like a owl-model-usb-flash-drive/">necklace. The size of the drive is 47.5 x 23 x 12mm and the weight is just 12g.

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