Wednesday, December 10, 2008

USB Mouse Comes With Microphone And Speaker - 3 In 1 !

We have seen a lot of mouse in our blogs. In such a way, a cordless-mouse-in-new-shape-you-never-seen/">new mouse has been unveiled to the market for a great experience. The mouse has come out with something different that is a first-gaming-mouse-for-mac-gamer-from-razer-deathadder/">microphone. The name of the company to unveil the mouse is Brando. It is a perfect match for Skype, MSN and other communication software. It has come out with a detachable microphone and a built in wireless-portable-stereo-speaker-use-this-in-your-bike/">speaker.

an-ipod-speaker-reaches-the-market-groove-neo-by-cygnett/">Click to know about iPod speaker


The size of the mouse is an-ipod-speaker-reaches-the-market-groove-neo-by-cygnett/">70mm x 116mm x 36mm and weighing 132grams. We can connect the audio device with this mouse via a standard 3.5mm audio input cable.

In additional we can have a sensor of 800dpi, iphones-now-have-fastmac-iv-to-charge-multiple-devices/">USB interface, a built in speaker. It is supposed to work with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating systems. The price of this device $19. [ Thank You ] ,