Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Watree Collects Water And Uses In Summer For Play Grounds !

A famous Australian designer stylish-healthy-safety-and-modern-chicken-yard/">Chris Buerckner has designed a new rain water harvesting and sports stadium storage design concept. The designer says that this device will be an googles-future-implementation-for-environmental-protection/">innovative concept in all respects. The name of this device is Watree and it looks like an umbrella and can be used as a shade even in rainy season. The rain water will get whirlpool-futuristic-green-kitchen-concept/">accumulated and it will be stored in the tank. This process can be done in the areas away from the playing surface and the stored water can be used to sustain the stadium even in the summer months. runway-cleaner-keeps-the-runway-debris-free/">Click to know about RUNWAY cleaner

The Watree concept is especially for urban stay-connected-with-social-networking-from-kitchen-itself-thank-sook/">sporting grounds, and based around the idea that almost all of these reserves have buffer zones around them. A buffer zone is more common around ovals due to their shape, but can be found around kitchen-cum-garden/">tennis clubs and soccer pitches as well.

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