Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yahoo Unveils New Toolbar To Check Mails As You Surf The Web !

In order to make its products more open to its users and its third parties Yahoo has unveiled a new toolbar yesterday. It is more advanced to the users to check their mails as they free-download-of-windows-live-wave-3-installer/">surf the web. Already there is a heavy competition between Firefox, yahoo, Google and Microsoft to give faster and easier access to the internet functions.
This toolbar will be available later this week and it will allow the users to access the google-toolbar-breaks-address-bar-search-of-firefox/">selected groups of programs from the toolbar itself without any need to leave the current page.

how-to-receive-mail-alerts-in-gmail-account/">Click to receive mail alerts in Gmail

For an example users can get the information about the wireless-mobile-chargers-multi-user-technology/">new mails on the toolbar and can open them. Moreover you can have a stylist inbox which combines both social networking functions and third party programs. Already Yahoo has about how-to-import-your-gmail-contacts-into-outlook-2007/">275 millions of users for its mail servicing and an audience of more than 500 million consumers. [ Thank You ]