Saturday, January 31, 2009

Auto-Eco Light-Control Rushes From Panasonic - Twin Pa !

Panasonic has planned to introduce its stylish-healthy-safety-and-modern-chicken-yard/">latest technology in home-use lighting equipment. The brightness of this device can be automatically adjusted by a sensor called “Auto-eco Light Control Twin Pa”. This home purpose fluorescent lamp has the capability automatically adjust its hands-free-mobile-stand-to-watch-movies-while-flying/">light levels in accordance with the luminance in a room.

tiny-backlit-wireless-keyboard-switch-off-light-and-work/">Click to know about backlit keyboard

The four-direction-sliding-mp3-player-from-mpgio-lisse/">luminance sensor of this lamp will automatically detect the brightness in the area about 3-meter diameter directly below the lamp and it can control the output of the light. This product is scheduled to come in two different models and will be available later this year. “HHFZ4320? (89W) will betransformable-multipurpose-table-gargantua/"> available for $389 and “HHFZ4220? (74W) will be available for $357.

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