Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disco XT DJ - Automatic Sound Mixing Software !

This is a time to all musicdeafs-hear-the-music/"> lovers to enjoy as amazing software has been developed called Disco XT DJ. It is an automatic and manual DJ mixing tool and it used to music playback also. It has the capabilities to make the task of music playback and DJ mixing easier. You can also integrate the DJ new-model-psp-from-sony-psp-3000/">mixing and music playback with your iTunes, Windows Media and iPods.

how-to-merge-multiple-sound-files-into-one/">Click to merge all your sound files in a single file

xmp3-portable-radio-claims-the-worlds-lightest/">The following are the some important features of this software:
•Auto mixing playbacks
•It plays and fades songs together automatically
•Offers pitch locking, beats per minute detection
•Offers new-model-music-player-from-sony/">automatic gain control, headphones support
•Offers waveform display
•It is customizable interface
•Offers load short audio clips to the sample deck
•Offers high quality effects support
•It can save portable-path-navigator-use-like-music-player/">your recordings, transitions
•It is a simple interface makes it comfortable to the novice user too.


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