Friday, January 9, 2009

Lenova Unveils Cute, Compact And All In One Desktop - IdeaCentre A600 !

Already we have discussed about high-speed-thermal-printer-photo-kiosk/">all in one desktop from many companies, to join the all in one group Lenova has recently unveiled its all-in-one desktop called IdeaCentre A600. It is very slim and it can be used for greatnew-higher-end-releases-from-acer/"> entertainment purposes. In this device, you can rejoice the HD Movies and even you can watch TV using your TV tuner card. It brings the facility to play the games and it doubles the Home sony-releases-pocketfit-netbook-vaio-p/">Theater System.

all-in-one-multimedia-26-inch-pc-lluon-b2-comes-from-tg-sambo/">Click to know all in one multimedia system LLUON B2

The screen size of the system is 21.5” and it has 16:9 aspect ratio at the xps-all-in-one-desktop-from-dell-xps-one-24/">HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The inbuilt speaker of this device has a speaker with Bass, Sub Woofer and Dolby mitsubishi-now-famous-for-lcd-monitors-also/">certification. You can have a 4in1 ideal remote controller to play games using its motion drive feature. Moreover, this device brings the facility to receive and call using VoIP handset and it can be used as an Air Mouse.

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