Friday, January 23, 2009

Mouse Computer The Latest Netbook !

Mouse Computer is the sony-releases-pocketfit-netbook-vaio-p/">latest model netbook in Japan comes under the brand name Ilyama. The real manufacturer of this netbook is Kojima a Japanese electronic chain. The design of this device is quite neo-launches-worlds-smallest-mobile/">elegant and simple. This KDU-G1 XP netbook is powered by our average ATOM N270 at the speed of 1.6GHz with an ssd-from-samsung-to-boost-up-hp-servers/">Intel 945GSE.

maintain-your-vehicles-with-motorola-mobile-computer/">Click to control your vehicle with your mobile

It is a you-can-manage-and-organize-your-photo-album-easily-with-flipalbum/">WSVGA screen device and the size of this device is 10.2”. Moreover, it brings WiFi B/G, 1GB of bulk of RAM with160HDD or 2GB of RAM bulk with a 250GB fujitsu-announces-water-cooled-and-double-display-laptop/">HDD. [ Thank You ]