Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Car Concept Colim - Car Cum Caravan !

Christian Susana has designed a cityant-electric-car-comes-in-rental-basis/">new vehicle, which is a combination of car and caravan camper. The name of the concept is Colim (Colors of Life in Motion). It is an intelligent cartoon-character-car-turns-true/">mobility concept, which can bridge between caravan and camper. Colim offers the advantages of detaching the front part if one does not have a usage for the blood-hound-super-sonic-car-fastest-car-in-the-world/">home part.

futuristic-dragon-car-concept-combination-of-marine-jet-robot-and-automotive/">Click to know dragon car concept

This trutap-is-for-all-your-mobile-needs/">flexible concept has multi function modules. It has been designed for two people and maximum of four persons. The motor of the concept offers the possibility to personalize its four mobile walls. They can be personalized in accordance with the future-car-concepts-you-can-fold-the-car-as-you-like/">current situation of the user.

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