Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now USB Port Works For Fridge Also - Connect Your Fridge To System !

Already you have heard about smallest-pc-in-the-world/">USB devices like keyboards, mouse but this device is completely new for your knowledge. It is a USB Mini Fridge, which can cool a can of cool drinks like coke and Pepsi to 8 degree Celsius in just 5 minutes. So that you don’t have to 4gb-flash-drive-watch/">move away from your system to take the cool drinks. This device has come out with a 5V USB power and it has an internal LED light to make the things visible. Moreover, it doesn’t require any battery to function. You can have this device by owl-model-usb-flash-drive/">paying just $33.

energizer-solar-charger-compatible-with-usb-also/">Want to know about USB Energizer Solar Charger ?

Some important features of this device :
•It can cool a beverage from 5V USB power.
•google-usb-flash-drive-put-google-inside-your-pocket/">More stylish.
•It can hold one can.
•It has internal LED light.
•It is powered by USB.
•No affordable-surface-computing-from-microsoft-oahu/">batteries required.
•The temperature of this device automatically cools down to 8.5 degree after 5 minutes.

•Dimension of this device is 19.4 x 9 x 9 cm.
•Weight of this device is 362g
•It is plug and playwindows-7-multi-touch-driver-arrives/"> model device.

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