Friday, January 30, 2009

Princeton Unveils Cute Little Bluetooth Mouse !

Already we have seen so cordless-mouse-in-new-shape-you-never-seen/">many model mouses in our blog. In such a way a new model Bluetooth mouse has been unveiled for laptop. It belongs to the series PSM-BT1 and it will be the perfect choice for you if you for searching for something heart-shape-mouse-rocks-and-a-good-presentation-too/">different.

mouse-computer-the-latest-netbook/">Click to know about Mouse Computer Netbook

It is wireless-touchpad-keyboard-feel-like-a-laptop/">available in Black, Blue and Silver colors. It has come out with 1000 dpi resolution and measures 60 x 99 x 38mm and weighsmicrosoft-x6-sidewinder-gaming-keyboard-reaches-india/"> just 65G. The price of this device has not yet been microsoft-x6-sidewinder-gaming-keyboard-reaches-india/">announced. [ Thank You ]