Friday, January 9, 2009

Sigma Visusal Ajax GUI builder Makes Simple Your Scripts ProgrammingAnd AJAX RIA Application !

Sigma Visusal Ajax GUI family-tree-builder-exclusive-genealogy-software/">builder is a multifunctional web based tool used for simple AJAX RIA application UI rapid design and scripts programming. With this tool, you can develop your web application in a similar interface like new-gps-navigation-device-from-asus-asus-r710/">Visual Basic or Delphi. It assures the compatibility for web browsers as this has been written in JavaScripts. Moreover, it provides a simple WYSIWYG interface and we can easily make any addition to this tool with its drag and how-to-view-more-running-file-process-in-task-manager-extended-task-manager/">drop feature.

usb-recording-interface-from-lexicon/">Want to know USB recording interface ?

This software can how-to-disable-the-task-manager/">support more than 40 common components like Tabs, Dialog, TreeGrid and TimeLine. It works on all cross browser platforms and all backend HTML pages. This tool is available free with brain-hacking-machine/">customizable interface features and it is compatible with jQuery, prototype, mootools and other frameworks.


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