Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard - Switch Off Light And Work !

If you are looking for a wireless-touchpad-keyboard-feel-like-a-laptop/">different keyboard then this will be the best choice for you. This is a pint-sized keyboard, which is perfect for small hands, and you can type even when lights switched off. This mini illuminated keyboard is wireless too, you just have to plug the included water-proof-glass-keyboard-soak-it-in-water/">dongle into a spare USB port. It has come out with a pair of AAA batteries into the keyboard.

worlds-thinnest-qwerty-keyboard-mobile-pantech-slate/">Want to know onboard portable keyboard ?

Some important features of this keyboard are :
•Low keycap worlds-thinnest-qwerty-keyboard-mobile-pantech-slate/">notebook keyboard with 56 KEYS
•Fn/Num lock change function
•Small, lightweight and portable
trouser-inbuilt-with-keyboard-and-mouse/">•Illumination feature
•Slim body that save working place
•Available USB port
•Operating distance: 10 meters
•cordless-mouse-in-new-shape-you-never-seen/">Operating frequency: 2.4GHz Radio Frequency
•Dimension: 170 x 81 x 15mm (approx.)
•Weight: 138g

Package Contents:
•Wireless Illuminated optimus-maximus-futuristic-keyboard-built-in-with-113-tiny-screens/">Super Tiny Keyboard
•USB Receiver
•AAA wireless-touchpad-keyboard-feel-like-a-laptop/">Batteries x 2

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