Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tiny Hydro Clock Runs Without Batteries !

‘Tiny Hydro Clock’ is the name, which you will keep saying for its iphone-3g-travel-charger-makes-you-happy/">unique and complete stylish look. It requires no batteries but you can use water, juice, milk and whatever you want to run this wireless-watch-mp4-player-opera-s9-sparks-from-digifi/">power gadget.

hands-free-mobile-stand-to-watch-movies-while-flying/">Click to watch hand free movies while flying

The only 4gb-flash-drive-watch/">amazing thing about this device it can run and give the accurate time and date. You can have this device atwireless-watch-mp4-player-opera-s9-sparks-from-digifi/"> just $7.95. [ Thank You ]