Monday, January 5, 2009

What Are The Features Of Liquid Scuba Mask ?

Last year we have discussed abouttake-print-outs-from-tomy-xiao-tip-521-digital-camera/"> Liquid Image camera, which made a big splash with its underwater mask/camera.
Now the cameras have reached the next stage and two products have come with high-definition they are HD320 and Pro HD350. Now these both units can capture hands free 720P (1280 x 720 ) video at 30 frames per second. motorola-ve66-slider-mobile-feel-like-a-digital-camera/">Moreover, they have the ability to capture the image at 5-megapixels still image and audio mixing.

under-water-digital-camera-shoot-even-in-30-meters-depth/">Click to know more models of this camera

These cameras have come out with light first-micro-four-thirds-camera-panasonic-introduces/">attachments to capture the improved color images when underwater. Both units have 64MB internal memory, a micro SD/SDHC card with expandable limit of 32GB. The only difference between these two models is first one can have the depth rating 100 feet while the second one gives 115 feet and both are digital-camera-raw-compatibility-23-from-apple/">expected to be available this spring. You can have H320 at the price of $215 and no price has been set for the H350 yet. [ Thank You ]