Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enterprise Touch Smartphone 'Incite' Now Goes To Korea !

LG has released its latest enterprise touch smartphone make-up-phone-lg-sh490-from-lg-electronics-unveiled/">Incite model mobile phone in Korean market via SKT and KTF. The model of the mobile is LG-SU200/KU2000. You can have this device at below 700,000(KRW).
It has been equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 professional, Microsoft Office Mobile and Microsoft Active Sync 4.5. Moreover Incite offers its users Internet Explorer HTML Web Browsing, Windows Media Player 10, and is futuristic-mobile-concept-hanger-skype-phone/">Wi-Fi Enabled for all their needs on the go.

lg-releases-dual-sim-gsm-mobile-ks660/">Click to know about latest model dual SIM  mobile from LG

It has come out with prada-phone-2-now-goes-to-asia-market-too/">sleek bar design, crystal-clear 3-inch touch screen with vibration feedback, and a 3M camera and camcorder, users can send and enjoy all trippy-ipod-claims-worlds-biggest/">memories at the touch of a button.

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