Saturday, February 21, 2009

External USB SATA Drive Dock - Data Backup Happens In Seconds !

This is a new type device used as an external vibrating-bluetooth-bracelet-with-lcd-display-vibrates-when-you-have-calls/">hard disk dock. In this device, you can connect your old hard disk to your computer temporarily. Once you docked your drive, it will be shown as a removable drive in Windows, Mac and Linux. Making connection with this device is possible with either a USB cable or a SATA connector. logitec-unveils-1tb-external-hard-disk/">Moreover, this docking device allows the drives to be swapped by pushing the button on the base.

super-speed-usb-hard-disk-drive-prototype-rushes/">Want to know about super speed USB hard drive ?

External USB SATA Drive Dock Features :
•Connects to one or two 2.5? or 3.5? usb-flash-drives-turn-into-animals-the-other-end-of-fancy/">internal SATA hard drives
•USB or eSATA connectivity
•touch-screen-photo-storage-device/">Plug and Play

•Transfer rates up to 480Mbps with USB 2.0
•how-to-delete-the-data-permanently-from-hard-drive/">Transfer rates up to 3Gb/s with eSATA
Definitely, this is the perfect solution for grabbing the data from old drives in your home. This is available at $39.99 and $77.99 for the single dock and cooker-sense-band-keeps-you-safe-while-cooking/">double dock respectively. [ Thank You ]