Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Six-Core Chip Processor From AMD Gets Ready !

AMD wrote in a blog that it has put its first six-core chip on track. It belongs to “first-laptop-with-cell-processor/">Socket 1207” platform and six core direct connect architecture which lets server work with 12,24 or 48 cores per server in the future. Although it has come out with more cores it is expected to offer the same power and thermal ranges as AMD’s existing 'nero-has-launched-its-latest-version-9-free-download/">Shanghai' processors”.

creative-releases-very-different-processor-zii/">Want to know about Zii Stemcel Processor ?

A fm-transmitter-works-with-all-audio-devices/">demonstration recently held about the technology featured “a live, seamless upgrade” of a system based on 45 nanometer quad-core Opteron processors to how-to-fix-the-registry-errors/">Istanbul processors.

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