Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FujiFilm Releases Cute And Small Digital Picture Frame - DP-70HS !

FujiFilm has recently unveiled its how-to-take-clips-and-images-from-a-video-with-video-capture-master/">new model digital picture frame called DP-70HS. It sizes just seven inch at the resolution of 800 x 480. Already it has been available in Japan. It features an ASV LCD with 176-degree igala-wi-fi-digital-photo-frame-for-linux-with-high-storage-capacity/">view angle.

fanless-touchscreen-panel-pc-from-via-vipro-vp7710/">Click to know about fanless touchscreen device

The digital-photo-frame-with-cstn-display/">brightness of this device is 350cd/m2 and the contrast ratio of this device is multimedia-e-dictionary-a-pocket-teacher/">1000 : 1.

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