Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Games Video Recorder Lets You Record Any Games !

Games Video Recorder is a new tool, which has come out with the ability tohow-to-convert-power-point-presentation-into-video/"> grab and record the games running on your system.
This handy game recorder is a handy and simple tool, which can record the games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. This tool can automatically detect anyhow-to-filter-file-types-in-google-video-search-results/"> PC game running in the foreground of your system. All we have to do to record the videos is just press the hotkey combination to begin the recording.

three-new-pmc-ic-voice-recorders-reach-the-market/">Want to know about PMC-IC Voice Recorders ?

You never worry about to google-groups-expands-its-forum-search/">record video because it is capable to record every single frame of the game and compress the frame data to a video file. It can support screen capture, automatic naming of all screen captures, provides real time recording of streaming motorola-introduces-mobile-video-player-dho1/">video with sound, video size is customizable, provides FPS indicator in the game, allows to easily compress video clips to more smaller and irecordmax-sound-recorder-comes-with-more-facilities/">comfortable size, and a simple user interface.


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