Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gmail Introduces Multi-Select And Progress Bar For Its Users !

Till now it is too difficult to attach a little larger or how-to-send-empty-messages-in-gmail/">multiple attachments with an email. To attach the mails you have to select each attachment individually and you never knew how long it would before those bigger files were make-your-gmail-account-to-remind-about-the-attachments/">ready to send.
Today Gmail has made some changes in attachment work. If you want to send multiple files from the same folder, simply hold down the how-to-get-email-alerts-whenever-anyone-edits-google-docs-form/">Ctrl key (Cmd on OS X) and click on each file, which you want to attach to your message.

how-to-read-pdf-files-in-gmail-without-pdf-reader/">Want to read PDF Files in Gmail without PDF Reader ?

Moreover, you can also hold down the Shift Key to select a how-to-backup-your-gmail-account/">continuous list of files. In this command, you can also save a few mouse clicks and you can look at the progress bars on each file as it smart-sc120d-new-aluminum-pc-for-you/">uploads.


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