Saturday, February 14, 2009

Google Gives Consolidate Result For Multiple URLs !

If you have more than one URL for the google-toolbar-breaks-address-bar-search-of-firefox/">same page of your website, now you can get the main URL from Google. Google will suggest you by consolidating how your site appears in Google results. In additional you can have the details about what kind of Page Rank will the specific page how-to-secure-my-gmail-data-transmission/">accumulate. In the given duplicate page –say , – include the following bit in the section:

free-translate-widget-for-your-blog/">Get free translate Widget

Google notes your pages don’t have to be exactly the same in how-to-customize-googles-home-page-with-our-own-picture/">order for this to be used. “We allow slight differences, e.g., in the sort order of a table of products.” However, you’re not supposed to point to another magellan-maestro-4350-series-gps-devices-rush-the-market/">domain as your main URL.  Yahoo and Microsoft announced they are supporting this as well. [ Thank You ]