Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Google Launches Its Toolbar 6 Beta !

Google has released its latest updated Toolbar for it’s users. Over a year of making, Toolbar 6 Beta for Internet Explorer has been launched which comprises a host of how-to-send-empty-messages-in-gmail/">new features aimed at making search and navigation faster, stronger and easier than ever before. This magnificent update is launched for how-to-send-sms-via-gmail/">40 languages simultaneously for the hundreds of millions of tool bar users worldwide.

how-to-add-multiple-bookmarks-toolbar-in-firefox/">Want to add multiple bookmarks toolbar in Firefox ?

Following are the some important features of Toolbar 6:
•In this updated version, you cangoogle-toolbar-breaks-address-bar-search-of-firefox/"> access to search from outside the browser with the new Quick Search Box feature.
•It can bring additional elements of the Google search results page into the Toolbar with enhanced and secured how-to-receive-mail-alerts-in-gmail-account/">search suggestions.
•You can have an easier navigation to your favorite sites with a redesigned new tab page.

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