Thursday, February 26, 2009

How To Create And Share Web Documents Online ? is one of the biggest and popular web services to upload andgmail-introduces-multi-select-and-progress-bar-for-its-users/"> share files online. It is supposed to offer number of tools and features for easy sharing and collaboration. Now they have launched new feature called “Web Documents” that lets the users to create and share Microsoft Word like documents with ease. google-adsense-to-fuel-up-the-growth-of-online-gamings/">Moreover, it brings online Word Editor in which you can type content of your web document.
This feature is like a Microsoft Word in which you can customize in terms of font, color and placement. It allows the users to add images, tables, video and other types ofvoice-chat-is-easy-with-xfire-while-playing-games-online/"> media files in your web document.

how-to-import-your-gmail-contacts-into-outlook-2007/">Want to import your Gmail contacts in Outlook ?

In additional the worked document will be saved in your how-to-create-custom-views-for-vista-error-logs/"> account and you can live preview the documents to print them quickly. This features you to make your document private and prevent other users from accessing them. You can share any web document using error-haldll-an-important-message-to-be-noticed/">unique sharing URL.

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