Saturday, February 14, 2009

i-Mo HSPA Modem Comes From Huawei !

i-Mo HSPA modem, this is a new type modem and has been unveiled by huawei-e960-routers-use-even-in-non-internet-zone/">Huawei. This modem will be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress. This stylish and smart look modem supports plug-and-play, data transmission speeds up to 7.2MBPS option-flaunts-its-new-wireless-globetrotter-iii-3g-router/">download link, and 5.76 MBPS upload link.

netshare-connects-3g-connection-with-your-laptop/">Click to make your Laptop in 3G connection

It has an make-your-chat-easy-with-omega-messenger/">inbuilt microSD card slot, which lets this device work as a USB disk. This will wireless-watch-mp4-player-opera-s9-sparks-from-digifi/">available from the second quarter of 2009.

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