Thursday, February 5, 2009

Integrated Camera In Your ID Card - AME 105 ! New Way To Spy !

If you want to spy your colleagues or anybody whom you stealth-releases-ultra-compact-desktop-pc-lpc-650/">doubt then this camera will solve your problem. The name of the camera is AME-105 spy camera an ideal kit to record the videos and you can fit it in your ID card. It has come out with a small 1.3-Megapixel video camera that has the facility to ultra-slim-mobile-from-nokia-e71/">capture the video on AVI H263 at 352 x 288/15 fps and 4GB of internal memory.

swiss-army-knife-now-comes-with-32gb-flash-drive-and-bluetooth/">Click to know about army knife with 32GB flash drive

Moreover, you can spy-sunglasses-with-secret-bilateral-cameras/">transfer recorded video to your PC or laptop via USB. After you record the video, you can connect this AME-105 to your computer via USB and you can share this video with your spy-camera-button-with-video-and-audio-recording/">friends.

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