Thursday, February 12, 2009

Internet Access Monitor Finds The Internet Usage In Your ClientMachine !

You can know the exact usage of how-know-the-bandwidth-of-net-connection/">internet bandwidth with the help of Internet Access Monitor for WinProxy. This real time internet usage monitor will allow you to keep watch on the internet bandwidth usage by the employees of your company. You can locate the employees loading internet bandwidth most heavily and you can find the exact time of yahoo-web-analytics-will-overcome-google/">download, downloaded files, time spent online and data traffic they created. Moreover, you will be much benefited with a centralized monitor of your employee’s internet access and you can create how-to-access-websites-faster-even-in-slow-internet-connection/">restriction of corporate bandwidth usage.

how-to-block-usb-port-in-lan-from-other-users/">Click to Block Your USB Port in your LAN

In internet-explorer-cannot-open-the-site-operation-aborted-sitemeter-crashed-internet-explorer/">additional you can save the drastically usage of your internet expenses. This easy usage tool is more compatible with all of your proxy servers and it can effectively google-toolbar-breaks-address-bar-search-of-firefox/">generate multiple reports and diagrams that can display your company’s proxy server usage.

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