Friday, February 13, 2009

Korean BMW7 Series Offers Wireless Charger For Samsung T*Omnia !

Now BMW7 series from Korea solar-power-mobile-charger-works-even-in-city-buses/">features a wireless charger for Samsung T*Omnia which is SCH-M490 model mobile. This charger has been fit in the middle of the console of the car. You can’t say that this is the first time for Samsung and BMW to assimilate with one another. Already they feature Bluetooth hands-free and iDrive wireless-mobile-chargers-multi-user-technology/">controllers and it is still available for you.

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Now this charger only lg-brings-higher-end-notebook-to-the-market-xnote-p510/">works with specific handsets only and it can be implemented for some iphones-now-have-fastmac-iv-to-charge-multiple-devices/">more mobile models. [ Thank You ]