Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mickey Mouse Turns Into Webcamera With USB Hub and Fan !

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse then this will be very new-hidden-webcam-usb-angel-webcam/">good news for you. If you have gadgets like Photo Frame, Flash Drive and MP3 Player in Mickey shape you just add this web camera to the list. This device looks like a Mickey Mouse and it comes as a integrated-camera-in-your-id-card-ame-105-new-way-to-spy/">multifunction USB web camera.

take-print-outs-from-tomy-xiao-tip-521-digital-camera/">Want to take print out from your camera ?

Following are some important features of this Web Cam :
•USB 2.0 Interface
•Built-in tokyoflash-kisai-sensai-led-watch-different-era-in-watches/">USB 2.0 Hubs x 2
•USB Fan
•12 LEDs light
•Switchshort-and-snappy-zoom-attachment-iphone/"> Button for Fan
•Switch for LED Light
•Send Video Email anywhere

•Excellent Still Image Capture
•Video spy-sunglasses-with-secret-bilateral-cameras/">Recording
•Video Conference
•Motion detect
•Secure first-micro-four-thirds-camera-panasonic-introduces/">Function
•Sucker base with locking
•Driverless of using Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS and Linux [ Thank You ]