Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Motorola Digital Butler Works On 4G Networks With GPS !

Digital Butler is another magellan-maestro-4350-series-gps-devices-rush-the-market/">conceptual device from Motorola. This is a personal assistant device for your luxury market. It is supposed to work on advance 4G networks with GPS, giving you a full-time network connection to new-gps-navigation-device-from-asus-asus-r710/">VIP services.

wireless-watch-mp4-player-opera-s9-sparks-from-digifi/">Click to know about wireless Watch Cum MP4 Player

Moreover, this device includes a s100-new-gps-device-from-navman/">circular touchscreen interface, accelerometer technology, PDA phone, squeeze buttons on the perimeter, and full-resolution built-in multimedia LED projector. This is going to thegmail-brings-enhanced-settings-for-imap/"> production department very soon.

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