Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Concept Mobile - Wear As A Watch On Wrist !

The usage of mobile phone keeps going transformable-multipurpose-table-gargantua/">faster than our normal lives. Not only it receives and gives the calls to us, it brings more feature for entertaining too. This is a new gadget, which covers more than a normal mobile covers. nokia-8800-gold-arte-comes-with-18-carat-gold-plating/">Mac Funamizu has introduced this new gadget, which works in mobile concept and has the facility to view the movies. You can wear this gadget around your wrist as a watch although it is willcom-rushes-with-two-latest-mobile-phones/">transparent.

futuristic-mobile-concepts-bend-your-mobile-as-wristband/">Click to wear your Nokia mobile as a wrist band

how-to-encrypt-and-protect-my-files-reliably/">Moreover, you can change the look of this mobile and color pattern. You can also place any picture on the background. As this is a epoq-egp-98b-worlds-first-wrist-mobile-phone-with-windows-os/">foldable, one you can mould the same as per the pocket. It has come out with a pair of earphones that ensure a surround sound lg-again-sparks-with-its-gd910-watch-phone-with-hsdpa-capability/">effect.

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