Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Solar Power Boat Comes From Tamarack Lake !

Jason Hill and Nathan Armstrong have boat-with-double-helicopter-engine-fly-in-water/">revealed a new concept, which can carry forward the philosophy identified in Aptera 2e. This is an environmentally designed for zipping on the water. The energy variant of this boat is powered bysolar-cum-human-powered-concept-boat/"> solar Loon and this can give the boat a different and stylish look.

minuteman-car-brings-smooth-and-silky-driving/">Want to know about MinuteMan Car ?

This is more pocket-purifier-can-kill-the-germ-zapper-to-make-you-healthy/">inflexible but the weight is also kept on the lower side. Moreover, the solar panels of this boat are made more futuristic-lightweight-boat-fly-fast-in-water/">eco friendly.

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