Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pocket Purifier Can Kill The Germ Zapper To Make You Healthy !

This is a smart and compact future-water-transportation-of-indiasupply-never-stops/">UV light germ-killing machine called Pocket Purifier. It can give you a lot of feature to make you happy. Normally it uses a 4W ultraviolet light that has the capability to eliminate 99.99% of nasty germs and bugs like kitchen-cum-garden/">E-Coli that causes the flu and the common cold.

air-purifier-gives-fresh-air-with-health-and-saves-electricity-too/">Click to know about Air Purifier

Just you can now-remote-can-control-your-cat/">point the light at the pocket at the object in need of cleansing for 10 – 15 seconds and the UV light will do its job. You can have this ssd-from-samsung-to-boost-up-hp-servers/">device at the price of $19.95. [ Thank You ]