Saturday, February 14, 2009

Samsung Blue Earth Phone Drives Fast To The Market !

Samsung has planned to release its samsung-d988d980-the-dual-sim-touch-screen-mobile/">latest model mobile called Blue Earth. It is a solar powered and eco-friendly mobile. News from Samsung says that it has been made to resemble a rounded pebble and with the solar real panel. Users can always count on enough charge to make a call. It has come out with a regular DC charger for a korean-bmw7-series-offers-wireless-charger-for-samsung-tomnia/">rainy day too and it can bring high energy efficient.

worlds-slimmest-led-backlight-hdtv-from-samsung/">Want to know the Slimmest Backlit HDTV from Samsung

This handset is a samsung-miniskirt-season-2-phone-can-talk-play-and-love/">made up of plastic from recycled water bottles and Samsung claims it is a free of harmful materials. It can calculate how much C02 would have been released if you are going by your vehicle and units for this calculation are the number of trees saved. It will be showcased in iphone-3g-travel-charger-makes-you-happy/">Mobile World Congress. Therefore, more details will be available soon.

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