Monday, February 2, 2009

Sharp Launches Its Aquos line-Up D Series HD TV !

Sharp has recently lg-launches-worlds-thinnest-lcd-tv/">announced its latest update on its Aquos line-up with the D series. This HD Ready TV is available in 32”, 26” and 20” and features the resolution of 1366 x 768 at the contrastworlds-slimmest-led-backlight-hdtv-from-samsung/"> ratio of 3000:1 on the 32” and 1500:1 on both 26” and 20”.

lg-launches-latest-xcanvas-bobos-pdp-tv/">Click to know about Latest Xcanvas Bobos PDP TV from LG

The major advantage of this device is it just microcontroller-powered-single-button-remote-for-digital-television/">consummates the power at just 60W per year for the  32” model as well as it offers la CD built to last approximately 60,000 hours as well as using “mitsubishi-now-famous-for-lcd-monitors-also/">Greener” plastics. [ Thank You ]
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