Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SkyFex Remote Assistant - Control Your LAN Remotely !

We have seen so microcontroller-powered-single-button-remote-for-digital-television/">many tools in our blog to control the systems remotely. Today here we have a new tool called SkyFex Remote Assistant, which can be used to control and monitor computers in a network. With this tool, you will be able to share desktop or control desktops remotely. remote-observer-20-controls-other-system-via-internet-free-download/">Moreover, this tool provides an efficient and secured solution to work through proxy/firewall and NAT networks.

run-ssh-server-to-make-better-remote-desktop-connection/">Click to get a different remote desktop connection

In additional this tool remote-observer-20-controls-other-system-via-internet-free-download/">features like : multi-monitor support, make sysInfo request for the remote computer, transfer files easily, allows making pointer and region selection, clipboard data exchange, make automatic updates to the remote system products, facilitates integrated text chats, supports concurrent expert logins and concurrent client sessions, send and receive emails remotely, how-to-apply-multiple-pictures-and-rotation-for-our-desktop/">compatible with any home cable/DSL connections, simple features and much more.


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