Friday, February 13, 2009

Speech Bubble Speakers - Connect Directly To Your iPod !

Last year cartoon type speaker called Speech an-ipod-speaker-reaches-the-market-groove-neo-by-cygnett/">Bubble Speaker has been introduced to the market. This is a new concept speaker to offer a different experience for you. These are made with high quality settings and they can be easily plugged directly into your computer or MP3 player. These speakers have been polished with white teac-japan-unveils-ipod-docking-station-td-x300i/">ABS housing and matte black steel grille.

jabra-sp700-bluetooth-speaker-phone-lets-you-free-while-driving/">Want to know about Bluetooth Speaker to make your driving stress free ?

The size of the wireless-portable-stereo-speaker-use-this-in-your-bike/">speaker is H 4 x W 6 x L 2 inches per speaker. These are expected to be available this year at the sony-unveils-2-in-1-headphone-speaker-combo/">cost of $120.

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