Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunbeam Tiger - New Concept About Lightweight Electric Car !

Ryan Skelley has brought a concept called The formula-zero-from-mercedes-benz-challenges-motor-race-2025/">Sunbeam Tiger during his Transportation Design course in Coventry University. This concept is all about an electric drive train with a pack of lithium-titanate battery. This battery takes lesser times to charge than a lithium-ion battery. With a fully charged battery you can have 4hours backup along with the discretionary 3-phase charger which have made the the-award-winner-car-opel-siderium-gives-you-interior-luxury/">maximum range of this car around 800 miles.

motobecane-motivo-new-model-bike-rocks-with-battery/">Click to know about Motobecane Motivo Rocking bike

svepa-bike-made-up-of-plywood-and-aluminum/">Ryan Skelley has proved theoretically that the car can go up to 60 mph within just 2.3 seconds and you can touch the top speed of 160mph quick. The major thing about this car to be noted is the materials used for making this car are fully recyclable and wireless-portable-stereo-speaker-use-this-in-your-bike/">eco-friendly. This concept has been designed for the year 2025.

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