Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TokyoFlash Kisai Sensai LED Watch - Different Era In Watches !

TokyoFlash has upgraded its equinox-gives-you-the-luxurious-look-with-style/">Kisai aluminum LED watches. It features an animation mode so that the time will be displayed once for every 12 minutes. The LEDs will rotate On and Off in a circular formation. Single touch on the upper button will intimate a hidden-transparent-watch-you-cant-identify/">rotating animation before the remaining LEDs show the time.

music-concept-mobile-wear-as-a-watch-on-wrist/">Want to know about Music Mobile Phone Watch ?

In this watch, twelve red casio-g-shock-gold-watches/">LEDs glow for hours while eleven green LEDs glow for groups of five minutes and four yellow LEDs glow for single minutes. If you feel to see the exact time immediately, your second touch on the button is smart enough. You can have this watch for 23,900 yen ($260, €205, £183) and in four epoq-egp-98b-worlds-first-wrist-mobile-phone-with-windows-os/">different colors.

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