Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water Powered Alarm Clock - Saves Your Electricity And Battery Expense !

This new eco-friendly alarm clock is the casio-g-shock-gold-watches/">perfect choice for those who like green gadgets. The clock doesn’t need any batteries or electricity to run. We just have to add water to power up our alarm clock and keep it topped up as the water evaporates for a 4gb-flash-drive-watch/">constant supply of energy.

tiny-hydro-clock-runs-without-batteries/">Click to know about Hydro Clocks

This world-clock-in-status-bar-see-multiple-countries-time-simultaneously/">alarm clock gives an electrochemical reaction between the electrodes and water, which can produce enough electrical energy to power it. Moreover, it has the ability to tell the room moving-clock-shows-you-the-exact-time-no-need-look-at-it/">temperature.

Once you have filled it, then you will have the digital-photo-frame-with-cstn-display/">power for three months. The price of this clock is £19.99. [ Thank You ]