Saturday, February 14, 2009

Windows Explorer Tweaker Can Customize Your Windows !

Tweak Xplorer is a visual Windows Explorer Tweaker comes as how-to-retrieve-the-cd-keys-and-serial-numbers/">fully portable and it has been designed specifically to be compatible with Windows XP. You can use this tool to change the appearance of folders, toolbar and thumbnails of Windows Explorer. In additional Folder Options includes to change the text color of specific folder and to apply how-know-the-bandwidth-of-net-connection/">custom background images.

how-to-manage-my-file-menu-use-file-menu-tools/">Click to manage the File Menu

google-gives-consolidate-result-for-multiple-urls/">Moreover, the background images can also be applied to individual toolbars. With this tool, it is possible to disable the thumbnail cache in Windows, which stops thumbs.db creation. Definitely, this will be very useful to those who like to change their internet-explorer-cannot-open-the-site-operation-aborted-sitemeter-crashed-internet-explorer/">appearance of Windows.


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