Monday, February 23, 2009

Windows Mail Attachment Extractor - Extract Your Attachments Easily !

Now you can use the Windows Mail Attachment ssd-from-samsung-to-boost-up-hp-servers/">Extractor Vista to extract and save the attachments and picture from your Windows Mail.
This tool can be used for effective extraction of attachments and pictures from your Windows Mail and save them to designated directory. This user-friendly tool is exclusively pre-configured to simplify the process in just threehow-to-know-the-email-adress-of-your-orkut-friend/"> simple steps. Optionally the interface provides features to choose the extraction of pictures only or all the attachments.

how-to-manage-several-email-accounts-with-multiple-inboxes/">Want to manage several email accounts with Multiple Inboxes in Gmail ?

With this, you can have a detailed report comprising the list of all the how-to-send-scrap-automatically-in-orkut/">extracted items. Moreover, there are more features like: it can save files only above specified size, it can support a user friendly and Windows Vista style interface, it can support Double-Bytes characters and it can work on all the versions of how-to-receive-mail-alerts-in-gmail-account/">Windows Mail for our Vista.


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