Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Google Offers Free Offline Calendar For All !

Now it has become easier for allsearch-google-in-reverse-order-funny-experience/"> Google Accounts as Google now offers the facility to access its calendar offline. If you want to enable this facility all you have to do is just click on “Offline (beta)” in Google Calendar’s header and install Gears if you are not having already have it, allow Google Gears togmail-lets-its-recipients-know-your-address/"> store information on your computer and then wait until the data is downloaded.

how-to-merge-my-multiple-contacts-in-gmail/">Click to merge multiple contacts in Gmail

You can select the calendars available offline in “google-removes-dictionary-link-in-its-search-results/">Offline Settings Page” and the main calendar is only enabled in the Offline Setting Page. Moreover, in this you will be able to view events scheduled on these calendars that next time you access the Calendar Offline. The main thing you have to note about this calendars containing how-to-send-empty-messages-in-gmail/">web-contents events will not display correctly while offline.

But unfortunately Google Offline calendar has many enhanced-google-search-results/">limitations, you have to go online or offline manually, you can’t add events or edit the existing events or change the event settings.

The other major limitation of this calendar is Google will not make-your-own-name-search/">download all the events and this calendar only contains the events from Feb 4, 2009 to Jun 4, 2009.

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