Sunday, March 1, 2009

Newt - A Perfect Choice For Network Monitoring !

Newt is a network monitoring software and it is ahow-to-block-usb-port-in-lan-from-other-users/"> multithreaded scanning engine to scan all remote computers and domains to retrieve information about them. You can have the information in a spreadsheet like a how-to-scan-computers-in-lan-how-to-find-shared-folders-in-lan/">table format that can be easily exported into various formats including html, text or CSV. Once the scanning is completed, you can have the information of computer names, IP addresses, operating systems, uptime, MAC address, domain name and youtube-ads-are-measured-by-google-with-brain-waves/">user name.

skyfex-remote-assistant-control-your-lan-remotely/">Want to know about SkyFex Remote Assistant ?

The collected vector-based-animation-software-toon-boom-animate/">information can be stored in a numerous ways. Other than scanning computers, you can send a few commands to remote computers in the network. Moreover, it is possible to send messages, ping computers or to huawei-e960-routers-use-even-in-non-internet-zone/">turn them on or off remotely using this software.

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