Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Panasonic Amazing HDR Now Acts Like Portable TV !

This new type TV from Panasonic and its portable-mp4-player-with-tv-inout-function/">HDR like TV tuner are very smart and they can easily attract the users. The name of the TV is TH-L17F1, which is your average 17” OLED backlight TV portable equipped with an IPV Panel. The resolution of this TV is 1366 x 768 and it features 4 palm-is-enough-to-carry-sony-tv/">different Antennas which will behave like a DLSR.

make-your-images-clear-and-balanced-with-create-hdr/">Click to make your images clear and balanced

These how-to-take-clips-and-images-from-a-video-with-video-capture-master/">four antennae can capture for the same TV Channel, 4different images quality from 4 different sub channels. From these sub channels you can have the lg-launches-worlds-thinnest-lcd-tv/">clearest picture.

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