Friday, May 22, 2009

4 Port USB Hub Comes In Tiger Shape !

We have discussed many model elecom-releases-7-port-usb-hub-for-dual-pc-usage/">USB hubs and now we too have another model 4-port USB hub. It is tiny, shiny and cute available in white, blue and green colors with the resemblance of wild animal tiger. It can neko-%E2%80%93-usb-hub-turns-cat/">support only older version of USB 1.1.

usb-4port-soccer-hub-in-the-market-for-world-cup/">Click to know about 4 port Soccer Hub

real-cat-tail-turns-real-usb-drive/">Following are the some important features of this device :
•It has 4 port.
•USB 1.1
•usb-hub-comes-and-sounds-like-a-cow/">Cute tiger design

•corega-ethernet-4-ports-usb-hub-shares-your-printer-and-scanner-in-network/">Colors: white, blue and green
•Size: 96*53*40mm
•Weight: 50g
This compact and cute USB hub is usb-hub-comes-and-sounds-like-a-cow/">available only for $9.

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